5 Steps To A College Basketball Scholarship

College basketball scholarships get a lot of press and attention in the media. We often hear of players getting recruited early in their high school years and the immense amount of pressure and high stakes that college basketball recruiting has become. This can be very misleading to you

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as a high school player. Most of this media attention and hype is centered around blue chip athletes which are less than 1% of all high school players. If you do not fit into this category, which is most, you can still earn a college basketball scholarship.

Here are 3 steps to a college basketball scholarship:

  1. Create a personal recruiting packet. This will include your athletic and personal resume along with 2 of your best games and a short 5 minute highlight tape.  Ideally you need to send this recruiting packets to at least 50 colleges that meet your personal assessment of schools that your academic and athletic skills are a good fit.
  2. Involve your parents and coach. Players often get side tracked during recruiting. It takes many people close to you like your parents and coach to help in this process. Let them know your goals and work together with a recruiting plan that will help you succeed.
  3. Be aggressive. You can not wait by the phone for coaches to call or except scholarship offers to follow the letter in the mail you received. Call coaches daily, follow up, continue to send recruiting packets, visit college coaches on your own if you have the means. Often less skilled high school basketball players can earn scholarships over more talented players simply because they followed a plan to get recruited.
  4. Be Persistent. Don’t get discouraged or quit all together if the first few coaches don’t call you back or show much interest in what you have to offer. It may take 10 colleges to take a look at you or 50. The point is you must keep moving forward and stay on track during recruiting. Athletes who can do this will earn the scholarship spot.
  5. Don’t Let You Academics Slip. Don’t let your grades fall your Senior year and let this be the reasons you can not earn a scholarship. While the NCAA academic requirements are low, colleges and universities have been steadily increasing their minimum requirements for athletes.

Your basketball future is in your hands now. Not the college coaches or recruiters. You can earn a college basketball scholarship if you are aggressive in your recruiting, enlist the help of those close to you and get your name and game tapes in front of college coaches.

There are no secrets on how to earn a scholarship in any sport. There are proven recruiting steps that successful high school athletes follow every year that help them earn the spot to play in college.  The recruiting season goes by fast but too many times we see athletes who give up after getting rejected by the first few schools. Follow these steps but be persistent throughout and you will have success.

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