Football Scholarships- 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances

Football has the most scholarships of all NCAA sports. This is also true for the NAIA and NJCAA. NCAA DI schools have 85 scholarships and average 18-20 full-rides handed out to high school seniors every year. DI-AA has 63 scholarships per team and DII has 36. NAIA schools have 24 with NJCAA colleges having 85 with almost 40 to 45 scholarships awarded each year.

There are a lot of football scholarships out there and if you are willing to put in the effort you can get one. The biggest mistake we see if athletes who think they are not good enough to get one, so they don’t even try. You don’t have to be a “blue-chip” athlete or even All-State. If you have the desire and some talent, you will be able to find a college coach you will believe in you.

Here are 5 Tips to Increase Your Scholarship Chances:

  1. Play Multiple Positions: Show coaches you are an athlete and not just a wide-receiver.
  2. Get the job done in the classroom: Having less than a 3.0 GPA closes the door on 50% of DI schools.
  3. Play another sport:Success in other sports makes up for minor deficiencies on the football field.
  4. Get good film: Get copies of all of your games from your coach if your family can’t film the games.
  5. Strength & Conditioning: Put in the extra effort in the weight room to prepare your body for college football.

Incorporate these 5 items into your routine now and start developing a recruiting game plan that will help you get a football scholarship. We have seen year after year, those who have determination and put in alot of effort during the recruiting season get scholarships over those athletes who may be more talented, but didn’t know how to play the recruiting game.

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