Play College Football- 5 Steps to Get Recruited

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Do you want to play college football? It is the dream of thousands of high school players every year to make it too the next level.  There are over 306,000 senior high school football players every year. Of those only 17,500 on average will make it to the NCAA. That number includes all freshman from DI, DII and DIII. Less than 6% take the step and play in college. That number may seem low and it is.

The main reason high school players don’t play in college is simply because they don’t want to. That means if you have the desire and a little talent, you will be able to find a college to play football at.

If you just want to play in college, enjoy your social life and have a great overall experience, DIII is the place for you. Those football players who want to play in college and earn a scholarship are up against serious competition. There are 85 scholarships in NCAA DI, 63 in I-AA and 36 at DII colleges.

To compete for these and play college football you need to have a recruiting system that you are willing to put time and effort into. There is no easy way to play college football, you have to work. Those football players who put the same effort into their recruiting as they do on the field, as the ones who get invited to camp.

You can also walk-on at all NCAA football programs. What you want to be is called a “preferred walk-on.” This means you go through the recruiting process the same as you would when seeking a football scholarship. If you are not offered a scholarship by the college of your choice, you can ask to be a preferred walk-on and get invited to camp. You will have all the same privileges and access as a scholarship athlete does, but will be paying 100% until you become a contributing player.

Here are 5 quick tips to play college football:

  1. Start the recruiting process early: While it is never too late to start technically, those football players who start before their Senior year have a much higher success rate.
  2. Get good grades: Even though the NCAA Clearinghouse minimum can be met by anyone with a high school diploma, 50% of DI programs can’t get you past admissions without a 3.0 GPA.
  3. Get great film: Make sure you get a copy of every game tape. Even if your coach films the games, give him a blank tape to make a copy. You will need these when making your personal recruiting packet.
  4. Take the extra steps: Are you lifting extra during the off-season and in-season? Are you doing extra conditioning and speed work outside of practice? Putting in a few extra hours a week will show during games and is what separates scholarship from walk-on.
  5. Communicate: Tell your high school coach you want to play in college. Call college coaches and tell them you want to play for their program. If college coaches don’t know about you and don’t know you are a player, they can’t recruit you.

To play college football you need to put in effort, both on and off the field. Off the field in the classroom and towards football recruiting. With a solid recruiting plan you can beat out the competition and find a great college football program to play at.

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 Play College Football  5 Steps to Get Recruited

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