Womens’ Golf Scholarships- Stats for Success

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Full athletic scholarships are possible for NCAA Women’s Golf. If your scores are within acceptable levels you will be able to find a Women’s Golf Scholarship. If you are willing to work as hard at recruiting as you do on the golf course, you will be able to find a college with scholarship money for you.

College coaches look  at summer tournaments, ranked ones, and state tournament high school golf. They want to see how well you perform under pressure which is more prevalent at larger ranked summer tournaments.

For recruiting purposes:

0-1  handicap = Top Division I ability

2-5 handicap = Middle to Lower DIV I ability

6-8 handicap = Lower Div I, D2

If your scoring average is in the  85-90 range, you will draw interest from many Division I programs. The important part of the process is not to sit back and wait for coaches to contact you. You must contact them with an athletic profile, resume and film of your swing.

Your athletic resume and profile should include the following information:

Birth date

Name of High School
Month and Year of Graduation
Grade Point Average/Class Rank
SAT or ACT Scores
USGA or State Handicap Index
High School Stroke Average
List Other Sports and Extracurricular activities

Next is the most important part. You need to list your tournament results and highlights. These scores are much more important than a handicap from your home club. Remember to list in chronological order.

• Event name and location
• Number of players in the field
• Her finish
• Course rating and distance
• Unusual weather for the event
• Yardage for the course


State / Regional / Local

High School

FCWGT / Other Junior Tour-

  1. What is your match individual record and top finish?
  2. Best score(s) for 18, 36, 54, 72 holes in qualifying/team competition and par for the round you are competing?
  3. How have you finished in tournaments/competitions? Place/out of how many in listing best finish and the year?
  4. How far do you hit:
    • Driver
    • Fairway wood
    • 5 iron
    • 7 iron
  5. Do you play on any Junior Golf Association circuit? If so, best placing in an event.
  6. For high school competition, where did you place in League, District, and State/Province?

Levels 1, 2 & 3 are all ranked by the junior rankings systems: Golfweek, NJGS and the AJGA.   Also playing High School Golf is important to show a college coach that you can function as part of a team however it is not the typical source for college coaches to find competitive junior golfers.  The best competition is in a Level 1, 2 or 3 ranked events.

Include a short VHS video along with your profile and resume:

Tape your full swing, a three-quarters swing, a couple of pitch shots and her putting stroke. Get a shot from behind and a swing facing the camera.

Make an introduction in the beginning of the tape, “Hi my name is…” Just 30 seconds will show coaches your confidence and maturity.

Send the resume/profile to as many colleges that fit your selection criteria. After sending the information be sure to follow up with phone calls to the coaches expressing your interest in playing college golf for their school.  Do not be discouraged if your calls go unreturned or coaches are not interested in your playing ability. The players that earn Women’s golf scholarships are the ones who contact the most schools and work hard at their recruiting.

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