Lacrosse Scholarships- Examining the Competition

NCAA lacrosse Lacrosse Scholarships  Examining the Competition
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Lacrosse scholaships are becoming harder to get each season with the growing popularity and the growing number of high school programs in the country. Colleges are recruiting lacrosse players earlier and earlier each season.

“Not long ago, most college coaches would be surprised if high school kids committed during October or November of their senior year. Now, colleges are done [gaining verbal commitments from prospects] by June before their senior year,” said Matt Kerwick, head coach at Hobart.

College lacrosse coaches are completing their scholarship class by summer before an athlete’s senior year now. No longer are coaches waiting until the fall and seldom do we see recruiting going late into October and early November, when the signing date for the National Letter of Intent is for lacrosse.

It i very important to start planning for your lacrosse scholarship early in your high school career. Those who start in their freshman and sophomore year, making sure their academics are in line, making lists of colleges, and following through with a solid recruiting marketing plan, are those athletes who are accepting verbal scholarship offers in July.

Taking advantage of summer leagues and programs is a great way to get exposure and be seen directly by college coaches. Their college season overlaps with your high school season so it is hard to be evaluated. If you combine a great recruiting strategy while in-season, and use that to your advantage during the summer season, you can really set yourself apart from the competition in your college lacrosse scholarship search.

College lacrosse, for both men and women is an equivalency sport. Meaning athletic scholarships can be divided up amongst multiple athletes. Partial scholarships are the norm, except for the top 5% of athletes. If you were selected for the Under Armour Lacrosse game or similar national game, you should be in-line for a full-ride. If you did not, you must be proactive in your recruiting. Follow a proven recruiting system, and earn the lacrosse scholarship you deserve.

NCAA DI colleges have 12.6 scholarships for men and 12 for women. Colleges will divide these up into partials for as many as 25 athletes. NCAA DII schools have 10.8 scholarships for men and 9.9 for women. Often overlooked is the Junior Colleges which offer an amazingly high 20 scholarship for men and 20 for women. Most of these are full-rides and set an athletes up for success in transferring into a scholarship position at DI or DII schools after two years.

For high school lacrosse players, you must start early and maintain pace throughout the athletic recruiting process. If you truly want a lacrosse scholarship, you can do it if you follow a recruiting guide that shows you step by step how to take action, and what to do each step of the way.

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 Lacrosse Scholarships  Examining the Competition

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