Track & Field Scholarships- Shot Put and Discus Distances

The question came in from a high school track and field athlete who competes in the shot put and discus as to what their throws should be to qualify for a track and field scholarship. The athlete also mentioned they are 6’4″ and currently 220 pounds. I assume he just finished his Junior years of competition also.

For shot and disc, there are state minimum throws for shot and disc to be eligible for the State meet at the end of the year. Each state is slightly different and having these throws doesn’t guarantee state meet attendance in some states.

Let’s get to the question. For college coaches to consider you for a track and field scholarship, you must show potential and initial success at the high school level.

For shot put, throws of at least 50′ in sanctioned meets and for discuss throws of at least 150 feet.

You must also show potential and room for improvement. College shot puts are 16 pounds compared to 12 that you use now.  The college discus is also increased to 2 kilos from 1.6. You must have athletic ability and show physically maturity to be able to handle these weights. Coaches want to see an athlete with good size. You are already 6’4″ but only 220 pounds. This is good because you have the height and will surely be able to add massive weight and muscle to your frame.

Start now by continuing to develop your strength and conditioning. Use the summer season to hit the weights hard and look for a track and field summer camp that is being hosted by a college that is on your list. Also start developing your recruiting game plan as in track and field it is necessary to start immediately even if you have not yet met those minimum throw distances.

Track and Field scholarships are earned by those athletes who start early and stick to a recruiting plan, refusing to give up until they have the scholarship they deserve. If you are that athlete, CLICK HERE to get the recruiting system proven to work for Track and Field.

 Track & Field Scholarships  Shot Put and Discus Distances

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